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Lourdes Activities Association

The Lourdes Activities Association (LAA) works to support all of the extra-curricular activities for students in grades 6-12 including sports, fine arts and academic endeavors.  All families with students who participate in any way in extra-curricular activities outside of normal academics are considered "members" and are encouraged to become active in supporting this association.  Through LAA sponsorship, expenses related to extra-curricular activities out of the general budget for the school.

For additional information contact the school at 402.873.6154 or contact Joe Tynon, Activities Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


An LAA Activity Pass entitles the bearer to enter any home sporting event (middle school, junior varsity & varsity), entrance to the One Act Theatre with Sweets event, and one entrance into our annual musical.  LAA Activity Passes do not cover tournaments or post season games*.  LAA Activity Passes are available for individuals, families and seniors (65+)

  • Individual Pass - $65
  • Family Pass (college students are included in a family pass) - $135
  • Seniors (65+) - $20

* - All gate receipts for post season go to the Nebraska Schools Activities Association (NSAA).



LAA's main funding source of revenue is from operation/working the concession stand at all home activities.  Each LAA family is to serve up to four (4) times in the concession stand each year.  This may be for volleyball/basketball in the concession stand at Lourdes Central Catholic or at Nebraska City Public Schools for home football games.  If a situation arises that you are unable to work the time that your were scheduled, please find a replacement. Junior and Senior students can serve as replacements and can earn Community Service Hours.  Shifts are normally two (2) hours or less.

300 CLUB

300 numbers are sold at $50 per number for a total of $15,000. Of that, LAA pays out $9000 to lucky winners.  The remaining $6000 is retained by LAA and used for general expenses throughout the year. Drawings are held at various Lourdes Central Catholic events. At each drawing event, Eight (8) winners receive $50, the three (3) winners receive $100 and one winner receives $200. Winning numbers are returned, allowing 300 Club participants to win multiple times.


LAA Meetings are held to update members on funded activities and projects and to obtain season and activity updates from coaches, sponsors and administration.  Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. at Table Creek Club House Restaurant.