2019 Science Fair Results

 7th Grade  9th Grade

Lourdes Central Catholic held it’s Science Fair on Friday, February 15th. All 7th and 9th grade students completed science experiments and research. The students created display boards and written reports to judges. The top scoring ten students in each grade receive an Honorable Mention. The top three students in each grade will advance to the Greater Nebraska Science Fair competition.

7th Grade Top 3


1st- Isaac Bruggeman- The Lightbulb (Lightbulb Efficiency)


2nd- Alex Peter- Fat Burning Zone Finish Line- Who Will Win?

3rd- Selah Mason- Electro-LIT


Tied for 3rd- Jenna Box- Got a Need for Speed?

Honorable Mentions (in Top Ten)
Baylor Lee-Ups and Downs
Cora Krog- Which Heats Faster? Gas vs. Electricity
Ellie McAlexander- Take a Deep Breath
Jake Bebout- Grounding Electric Fence
Lucy Chaney- Reaction Time Boys vs. Girls
Rachel Dia- Will it Rise to the Occasion?

9th Grade Top 3

Kaitlin Howard
1st- Kaitlyn Howard – Antibiotic Resistance

Reed Gregor

2nd- Reed Greger – Baby Fever

Mason Lee

3rd- Beau Lee – Energy in Motion

Honorable Mentions (in Top Ten)
Will Funke
Michael Bequette
Vivian Gay
Anna Kincaid
Xavier Gomez and Mackenzie Ludwig
Abigail Koelzer and Megan Wolken
Octavio Lopez and Jared Valdovino

Congratulations to all the students!




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