One-Act Play Wins District Competition

Congratulations to our cast, crew and director, Lesley Gould. The one act play, "The Very UnMerry Adventures of Robin Hood," took first place at C2-1 District Competion on Tuesday.  The next stop is state competition in Norfolk!

Outstanding Actor/Actress awards went to Luke Partsch, Kameron Monahan, Logan Bakula, Catherine Shawhan, Paul Shawhan, Piper Monson, Beau Lee, Renee Box, Alivia Stuhr, Jazmin Rodriguez, Emma Misner, Paige Stones, Aubrey Bando, Samantha Fredrichs, Elizabeth Schnitzer, Kaitlyn Howard, Caleb Howard. 

Below are several pictures of the cast in full costume.


one act cast crew

robin hood

robin hood1

robin hood3

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