200 Club

Lourdes Activities Association (LAA) is selling 200 Club numbers! 

LAA will host 10 drawings and give away $6,000 at Lourdes activities throughout the year.  You could win $50-$200 at each drawing and your number can win more than once.

At each of the 10 drawings, $600 will be given away with:

-One $200 winner

-One $100 winner

-Six $50 winners

You can win multiple times, there are 80 chances to win! 

Purchase your lucky number for $50.  Reserve your number(s) and chances to win at Friday night’s football game or from an LAA Officer (Jennifer Howard, Skip Welsh, Kim Esser, and Debi Baumert).  Watch for other opportunities to buy a 200 Club number at other Lourdes activities aw well.

This is a great fundraiser for LAA as well, with 200 numbers being sold LAA will give away $6,000 and keep $4,000!

Thanks for your support!

For more information about Lourdes Activities Association, visit http://www.lourdescentralcatholic.org/index.php/school-life/laa

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