Online Nationals Results

CONGRATULATIONS to the Academic Decathlon on their 5th place finish at Small Schools* Online Nationals!

Individual medal winners include:

Senior JAMES MASON, who earned a Silver Medal in Essay (Honors Division)

Senior TYLER MUCHA, who earned a Gold Medal in Essay (Scholastic Division)

Senior HALLI WHITTEN, who earned a Silver Medal in Essay (Scholastic Division)

Junior GRANT DRAUS, who earned a Bronze in Math (Scholastic Division) and a Gold in Literature (Scholastic Division).

The Lourdes team competed against 11 other teams from throughout the United States, including schools from California, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Idaho, Indiana, and Massachusetts.

*A Small School is defined by United States Academic Decathlon as having a high school student population not exceeding 650 students.

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