Academic All Conference Students Announced

Lourdes Central Catholic proudly announces its Academic All-Conference medal recipients. This medal is awarded from our Pioneer Conference to a student in their senior year. Juniors and sophomores receive certificates. Seniors who earn a composite ACT score of 24 or higher or its equivalent on the SAT score receive a medal. This is broken down into three categories. The bronze medal is for scores between 24-26; the silver medal is for scores between 27-29; the gold medal is for scores 30 and above.

Bronze Medals (24-26):        


Ben Miller                  

Josie Kassube             

Tristian Peter              

Olivia Welch              

Brandon Fredrichs


Logan Bakula             

Chloe DuBois            


Silver Medals (27-29):


Nicole Green              

Halli Whitten             

Sam Baumert             

Quintin Vasa


Piper Monson             

Colter Fulton              


Gold Medals (30 and above):


James Mason

Tyler Mucha   

Jack Funke         


Grant Draus        

Ashley Baragary    


*Certificates will be awarded for the April, June, and July test dates as needed