History Day Results

Congratulations to the following students who placed at Peru History Day at Districts.

These students will be advancing to Wesleyan History Day at State on Saturday, April 7. Wishing you the best of luck!

Individual Exhibits

Jenna Box

2nd Place

The Founding Father on the Ten Dollar Bill: Hamilton’s Persistence to Compromise

Group Exhibit

Grace Easley & Bayley Allgood

3rd Place

Work Progress Administration: A Compromise to Unemployment

Historical Papers

Ryan Roberts              

2nd Place

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Ending a Potential Nuclear Conflict through Compromise

Michael Bequette

3rd Place

Treaty of Versailles: The Treaty with no Compromise

Will Funke

4th Place

The Nuremberg Trials to End a Conflict

Individual Websites

Sofia Barrientos

1st Place

Iran Hostage Crisis: A Failed Success

Blake Miller

2nd Place

Dr. Louis Slotin and the Demon Core

Beau Lee

3rd Place

The Kansas-Nebraska Act: The Path to Civil War

Group Website

Sammy Onate, Octavio Lopez,

Caleb Howard, Hayden Beccard

3rd Place

The Siege of Orleans: The French Recovery

Individual Documentary

Joseph Kearney

2nd Place

American’s Protest Against the Vietnam War

Gabby Chance

3rd Place

The Newsboys on Strike

Group Documentary

Vivian Gay and Ruby Bruggeman

1st Place

Levi Leland Coryell: Out of the Dark and into the Light

Katie Dia and Kaitlyn Howard

3rd Place

The Munich Agreement: The Peace Plan that Failed

Miles Draus and Jared Valdovino

4th Place

Battle of the Bulge: Acquiring Freedom for African Americans

Individual Performances

Karla Rodriguez

4th Place

Hispanic Immigrants Securing the Right to Citizenship

Special Awards

Hayley Honeysuckle

Mayhew Cabin Award

Ruby Bruggeman & Vivian Gay

Nemaha Valley Museum Award

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