Student Pick-Up Map

In order to streamline the traffic flow after school, a new student pick-up map specifically for our Primary Campus students (K-2) and our Elementary+ (3-5+) students has been created.  School Personnel will be moderating our two pick-up sites.  Although the pick-up spot at St. Mary’s for our K-2 students has served us well in the past, this move to the Main Campus was motivated for safety reasons in regard to supervision, weather and other related safety situations.

Click here to view the route.

 As it relates to students and faculty/staff, parking will no longer be allowed beyond the West Parking lot entry, north toward the bus barn.  Additionally, students and faculty/staff, at the end of the school day, should exit to the East to promote a one-way traffic flow. (See attached map.)

With this adjustment, there are always bound to be a few snags (or honks).  Your patience with this new procedure is appreciated.

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