Robotics Club

Robotics Club is an afterschool activity for middle school students interested in programming, teamwork, and innovative thinking.  It is run through the First Lego League, a worldwide competition, and consists of several challenging parts including: the robot game, a design project, a presentation on core values, and more.  

Last year’s team, the Nerdy Ninjas, had a grand robotics debut at the regional competition, where the team took 3rd overall in the robot game and had some great feedback in the design project! The theme for the 2018 competition was Water and we had a fun time learning about programming, building our project model, researching local water issues, and growing together as a team.


2017-2018 Nerdy NinjasBack Row: Benjamin Chance, Rachel Dia, Cora Krog, Nolan Beccard, Dilan EppertFront Row: Joss Neumeister, Isaac Bruggeman, Lexis Bruns-Morris

The 2019 theme is Into Orbit and deals with a challenging new topic – space! The Nerdy Ninjas are very excited to get to work once more to prepare for the regional competition which will be held at Nebraska City High School on Saturday, January 26th, 2019.

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