State/National Scholarships

Scholarship Description Deadline
Horatio Alger Association Financial need / integrity /overcoming adversity August 1 - October 25
Gates Millennium Scholarship Program Based on being a minority August 1 - December 31
Burger King Access Code: BKS Begins September 15
Nelnet Sweepstakes September - March
Nelnet Husker Sports  
Coca-Cola Scholarship Must attend a 4year or 2 year college 31-Oct
Wendy's Heisman 3.0 GPA, 1 sport, good leader, great role model October 3rd
Wal-Mart Associate Scholarship Access Code SWCS November 1 - January 12
AXA Achievement Scholarship Must posses ambition and be well rounded December 15th
George Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship   January 15th
Nebraska Ed Office Professionals Assoc.   January 15th
Lincoln Community Foundation Scholarship   Begins February 1st
Philllip Schrager Scholarship Program for Student Leaders   February 1st
***Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation Must attend UNO, UNL, UNK, UNMC,PSC, CSC, or WSC February 1st
KFC Colonel's Scholarship   February 10th
Cargill Community Scholarship   February 15th
Monsanto Comittment to Ag Scholarship Ag related February 15th
Girl Scouts President's Leadership Award For Ladies ages 18-24 February 15th
Carriage House Foundation Scholarship   February 15th
Nebraska Press Association Foundation   February 24th
National Society of High School Scholars 3 different scholarships March 1st, April 1st, and May 15th
PSC Coop Scholarship   March 1st
SENCA Involved in past or present SENCA programs March 1st
Gallup Scholarship   March 1st
Urban League of Nebraska   March 5th
Oxbow Scholarship Program Animal Studies March 10th
ISM Nebraska Excellence in Business   March 15th
Nebraska Actuarial Scholarship   March 31st
Nebraska School Counselor Assoc. Scholarship   March 31st
Nebraska Legal Professional Assoc. Scholarship   March 31st
Jack Cramer Scholarship Attend Syracuse or Palmyra or live in the hospital district and entering the medical field April 1st
Jack Cramer Scholarship Students going into Athletic Training April 1st
Lincoln Builders Bureau Scholarship Must be a member April 1st
Cox Foundation Scholarship Must be attending a community college majoring in Auto Field April 15th
Learn and Work Scholarship   April 15th
Nebraska Coaches Association Upper 25% of your class, 2 years in a sport, 2 varsity letters in a sport, ACT 24 or higher April 18th
NAIFA - The Assoc. of Insurance Financial Advisors Majoring in business, education, actuarial studies and attending a Nebraska college April 30th
Tylenol   May 1st
Hispanic Scholarships Varies Varies