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A Catholic education is an investment in the future of your child.  You will be pleased to know, that because Lourdes is blessed with the support of nine parish communities, endowment funds, and special scholarships, our tuition is kept at an affordable price.  Below you will see the tuition for the current school year.

Lourdes tuition will be based on a per child cost as follows:


Child One: 100% of Tuition Cost
Child Two: 100% of Tuition Cost
Child Three:  75% of Tuition Cost
Child Four: 50% of Tuition Cost
Other additional family members are at 25%

Grade Catholic Non-Catholic

Middle/High School (Grades 6-12)

$1775.00 $2750.00
Elementary (Grades K-5) $1575.00



(Book fees and tech fees are included in the listed tuition costs)

In addition to the above tuition costs, each family is responsible for paying a $650 minimum towards the Keeping Our Tuition Affordable (KOTA) Fund and the Incentive Pay Fund (IPF).

All parents will be expected to make monthly payments on tuition unless they are paying the total amount of tuition and fees at the beginning of the school year, or they have made special arrangement with Fr. Cyza prior to August 1 of the current school year.

Tuition Assistance
Tuition assistance is available through the G.R.A.C.E. Fund.  If you need financial assistance for tuition, please contact Fr. Mark Cyza (402-873-6154).  All requests are kept confidential.